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Preventive check-ups

Thorough check-ups performed according to lege artis are the core of the secondary prevention regarding all the illnesses of female organs mainly to prevent pre-cancer and cancer.
  • description of subjective problems
  • objective palpation findings
  • colposcopic examination including expanded colposcopy and its exact description
  • abstract of cytology and record
  • records of other examinations-the medical cultures, blood abstract, in some cases concerning the following up of patients in specialized hospitals, the written record and the picture documentation of the smaller pelvic ultrasound examination, Doppler examination or record of breast ultrasonography
  • for patients older than 45 – records of their mammary examination every two years
  • The doctor's decision in the indicated cases of patients examined for the detection and diagnostic of illnesses of female organs, mainly pre-cancer, uro-gynaecological illnesses and pain in the area of the small pelvis, is based on the basic visual examination, the trans-vaginal ultrasonography of the small pelvis and the Doppler examination of the blood supply in the organs of the small pelvis and performed in accordance with the paragraph 4.2.8 chapter 3 of the Code of MZd ČR number 439/2008 of the Law Digest
  • In the age group of patients 10-28 years of age, consultation about the possibility of primary prevention of uterine suppository cancer
  • In the age group of patients 15-44 years of age, the consultation about the possibility of secondary prevention of breast cancer
  • in the group of all pregnant patients- consultation and training regarding contractions of the pelvic floor muscles and the secondary prevention of genuine stress incontinence
  • in the age group 50-54 once a year and in the age group 55-74 twice a year – screening FOB test to detect hidden blood in stool

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