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Our care goals

Healthy and satisfied woman

Conception and delivery of a healthy child

Providing complete ambulant care

About us

  • Spectrum of the care

    • Preventive check-ups of women of all age groups, regular mammography screening, oncological cytology taking from cervix
    • care for pregnant women
    • early detection of congenital defects and foetal malformations, detailed morphology of foetus
    • diagnostics and treatment of gynaecological illnesses including children
    • care about women after menopause, prescription of HRT
    • prescription and dispensation of hormonal and other forms of contraception
    • vaccination against HPV infection-cervix cancer
    • cures for sterility by stimulating follicles and induction of ovulation, help for infertile couples
    • sexology, gynaecological endocrinology
    • regular monitoring of pre-cancer of female genitals
    • thorough diagnostics, treatment and monitoring pre-cancer of cervix
    • care about women after gynaecological operations
    • urological -gynaecological diagnostics and dispensation, conservative treatment of stress and urgent incontinency, operational treatment in cooperation with hospital in Opava and Gynaecological- obstetric department of hospital in Ostrava by the new strap method
    • super-consiliary ultrasound for detection and elimination of inborn malformations
    • pre-natal echocardiography for elimination of inborn heart diseases
    • 3D/4D ultrasound, photographical and digital documentation according to client's wishes
    • specialised ultrasound diagnostics of breast illnesses, sensitive breast care
    • preventive medicine
    • fytotherapy
    • psychological advisory centre and psychotherapy
    • publication and lectures
    • medical law and medical legislative
    • superstitions about pregnancy
  • Processes of lege artis

    Article 4 of the Convention of Human Rights and Biomedicine says that any intervention must be done in accordance with duties and standards. Mainly the basic principles of decent medical services, professional level and vocational qualifications achieved by standard examinations and specialized ability in gynaecology – obstetrics are valid. The provision of medical care is directed by current and the most modern degree of development of this branch of medicine. The standards of care do not impose one procedure as the only one possible. The respected medical experience can accept several different procedures which could lead to the recovery of the patient and in this way leaves a certain freedom for a variety of methods and techniques. Every medical intervention and examination must fulfil a criterion of relevance and adequacy between the observed goal and the procedure.

    • As amended by Paragraph 11 in the Law of Human Health Care number 20/1966 the digest of laws, medical centres must offer medical care in accordance with current and publicly accessible knowledge of the medical science. This act is a legal definition of the procedures of lege artis provided during the medical care currently administered in the Czech Republic.
    • As amended by Paragraph 55 of the aforementioned law, the medical providers offer medical care in the manner and to the extent prescribed by the principles published by the Ministry of Health and Czech Medical Syndicate.
    • Standards published by specialized organizations /ČGPS JEP, SSG ČR/ are recommendations of civic associations and therefore cannot be mandatory but they often have moral and professional authority even though the only obligatory rules are those of Czech medical syndicate and the note of MZd ČR.
    • Current juridical and legal practice understands the term lege artis according to the ruling of the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic 7Tdo 219/2005 in which the Supreme Court clarifies how the term lege artis should be understood while providing and paying for the medical care.
    • "As amended by Par. 11 of the law No. 20/1966 in the Digest of Laws, the medical centres are responsible for providing medical care according to the medical knowledge available; that means the duty to provide the medical care a la lege artis. The law considers it to be an infraction of lege artis if the doctor, during the performance of his job, does not keep the scope of scientific and medical rules within the limits of his duties, job title, concrete regulations and objective possibilities. Procedures must be always judged ex ante; according to the information provided to the doctor during his decision." As quoted by the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic, in regards to procedures of lege artis.
    • The procedures of lege artis within the private gynaecological-obstetric specialized centre of MUDr. Hynek Hlavenka are performed in accordance to the obligatory definition of the Czech medical Syndicate, "the medical professional is obliged to offer professional medical care, according to the rules of science and reputable medical procedures, within the limits set by their duties, according to their job title, which are set by the statute of the specialized centre, concrete conditions and objective possibilities. If there is a certain procedure executed by these standards in each unique case, the medical professional usually uses the standards while respecting the individuality of the patient. If it is reasonable, the medical professional can choose other than the recommended procedure. The reason for this change in procedure will be written down in the health documentation of the patient.

    MUDr. Hynek HLAVENKA


  • Care continuity

    First trimester screening

    • 1st trimester screening - we perform the combined test and superconstellar ultrasound exams ourselves
    • genetic consultation for our ambulance is performed by colleagues MUDr. Petr Polak, MUDr. Jan Všetička, and / or colleagues from the Center of Prenatal Diagnostics of the Faculty Hospital in Ostrava-Poruba or from the Institute of Medical Genetics and Fetal and Fetal Medicine of the Faculty Hospital in Olomouc

    Deliveries, one-day surgeries, stomach, vaginal and laparoscopic surgeries take place in medical centres that we co-operate with:

    • obstetric-gynecological department FNsP in Ostrava-Poruba,
    • department of children and pre-natal cardiology in FNsP in Ostrava-Poruba
    • obstetric-gynecological department of hospital FN Olomouc,
    • gynecological-obstetric department of Slezská nemocnice in Opava,
    • gynecological-obstetric department of NsP in Nový Jičín,
    • gynecological-obstetric department of hospital in Šternberk,
    • urological department of hospital in Opava

    Prenatal diagnostic

    • Prenatal diagnosis, screening in the first trimester - we perform the combined test and superconstellar ultrasound exams by ourselves.

    Cytologic examination

    • Responsible for these is team of doctors and cytological laboratory technicians of MUDr. Tomáš MALÍK Gyneko s.r.o., Vsetín,

    Histologic examination

    • This examination is assessed by centre of gynaecological and oncological prevention prevention of MUDr. Jiří ONDRUŠ, MIAC TOPGYN s.r.o. in Havířov,

    Laboratory diagnostic

    Technical support

    Service of equipment from companies MEDISON, OLYMPUS and ORION is provided by technicians from these companies, see


    • Our centre uses modern software for medical centres from company CompuGROUP Medical,
  • Equipment

    • digital chromatic 3D/4D ultrasound MEDISON ACCUVIX V 10 LV EXP 4 D class Premium with chromatic Doppler tracing of flows and 3D/4D pictures, vaginal multifrequentional probe and linear broadband 6-12 MHz search unit for ultrasonography of breasts with both- black and white and colourful printer
    • video colposcope OPTOMIC OP-C5 with digital video camera and TV screen for direct image of cervix and digital camera OLYMPUS PEN E –PL1 –new generation system cameras HDMI-for taking and saving of digital pictures of uterus
    • digital cervicograph OLYMPUS SP 500-VZ –the same function as OPTOMIC
    • cardiotocograph Hewlett-Packard
    • laboratory optical microscope Olympus CX-41 with 600 x magnification for evaluation of native mounts from the vaginal smears
    • optical microscope El-Wetzlar
    • QuikRead ORION FOB test-modern immunochemical way of detection of blood in stool
    • QuikRead ORION CRP test-quick turbidimetric detection of C-reactive protein which is the indicator of bacteria inflammation

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