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preventive gynaecological check-ups of the age groups, mammography screening for all women older than 45 and taking of oncological cytology from cervix, FOB test for hidden blood in stool, detection of increased level of C-reactive protein which is the indicator of bacteria inflammation

  • diagnostics, therapy and follow-up of all gynaecological illnesses, including young girls and adolescents
    -care about women in peri-menopause and after menopause, prescription of HRT

  • care about women with hormonal and other forms of contraception
  • vaccination against HPV infection-the infection that may cause cervix cancer
  • cures for sterility by stimulating follicles and induction of ovulation, help for infertile couples,

  • sexology, gynaecological out-patient centre

  • donation of ovum, , more information-Ing. Juliána NITSCHEOVÁ, PhD., tel 774 260 575 or see

  • regular monitoring of pre-cancer of female genitals
  • thorough diagnostics, treatment and monitoring pre-cancer of cervix
  • care about women after gynaecological operations
  • urological -gynaecological diagnostics and dispensation, conservative treatment of stress and urgent incontinency, operational treatment in cooperation with hospital in Opava and Gynaecological- obstetric department of hospital in Ostrava by the new strap method
  • superconsiliary ultrasound for detection and elimination of inborn malformations
  • specialised ultrasound and doppleric diagnostics of breast illnesses, sensitive breast care
  • preventive medicine
  • fytotherapy
  • psychological advisory centre and psychotherapy
  • medical law and medical legislative
  • publications and lectures

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