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Breast care

Mammary diagnostics /senology/ is modern multi-branch field which pays attention to complex care about breast illnesses in all age groups:
  • early detection of impalpable lesions in the breasts, by regular mammography screening of women older than 45 once in two years
  • thorough detection of high-risk groups with positive breast cancer family anamnesis by speaking with the patient and trying to make her remember family history
  • education about self breast examination for all women from the age of 15
  • education about self breast examination for all women, mainly in the high-risk groups
  • clinical breast examination during the preventive check-up
  • many above-standard examinations for private payers according to current price list
  • Non-invasive ultrasonography and Doppler mammary diagnostics of impalpable and benign lesions in the breasts and their pre-cancer states is in the private health centre GENNOON performed by radiologist MUDr. Eva VALEŠOVÁ.
  • MAMMOCETRUM v Novém Jičíně
    Dvořákova 27

  • orders: 603 313 593, 555 538 811

  • maximal attention is paid to early detection of impalpable and benign lesions in the breasts of women between the ages of 20 and 44, because it is not supposed that women of this age can have ca.mammae, but it is not true
  • to dispensary care, that means to care which needs better monitoring and frequency of visits belongs benign lesions, ambiguous findings and all findings that can very probably be cancer
  • malign lesions are dispensed by oncological centres and mammary centres
  • Plastické operace prsů, epitézy, augmentace, remodelace, redukce, korekce jizev po sekundárním hojení a radioterapii Vám zajistíme po konzultaci s plastickým a replantačním chirurgem MUDr. Tomášem KEMPNÝM,

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